Philosophy - Wisdomland

At Wisdomland International Preschool we see the world “Through The Eyes Of A Child”.
We aim at providing young children with opportunities to be inquirers, knowledgeable and to develop their critical thinking, while
encouraging them to discover the world around them.
Our multicultural environment gives the children the chance to become lifelong learners and to appreciate the world and each
other’s differences and respect for nature. We believe that children are our future and have the power to build a better and more
beautiful world.
Inquiry, play-based and problem-solving learning are at the center of such educational concept as our goal is not only prepare
our students for their future academic and professional success, but also encourage them to discover and give voice to their
creativity and uniqueness to fully be the key players in their own life adventure.
On their journey, our children acquire and develop the skills to become global citizens, discovering that days at school can be
joyful and memorable and that learning can be fun, while recognizing the value of discipline and respect and in particular the
value of community and mutual support. We guide our children to gain confidence, to be risk-takers, to always bring a new point
of view on things, to be kind and to develop early leadership skills. And it is our promise to keep them safe.