As a Candidate School for the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, in its Diamond Island Campus, Wisdomland International Preschool implements the IB PYP for the children aged 3-6.

The IB PYP curriculum is an inquiry, play-based and transdisciplinary program that supports the children to build conceptual understanding, develop the ten IB Learner Profile Attributes – caring, communicator, inquirer, principled, reflective, balanced, thinker, risk-taker, open-minded, knowledgeable –, become responsible and active members of the community by building peaceful relationships and taking action through their learning, develop the skills to lead their own learning thus becoming more confident, self-motivated and nurture an authentic love for knowledge.


The IB PYP sees education as a comprehensive learning journey where the child, while working to reach the learning outcomes in line with their age developmental milestones, has the opportunity to develop themselves as inquirers and caring human beings. Through constant observation, constructive feedback and assessment, reflection and collaboration, the teachers and the children work as partners in learning.

In the IB PYP, the child learns and broadens their conceptual understanding through six transdisciplinary themes which allow them to learn and see the connections between different subjects – language, math, social studies, science, arts, physical and social development.

The IB PYP offers the child an engaging, relevant and challenging education journey with excellent learning outcomes which enable them to be ready for their academic future and prepare them to become responsible global citizens.