Our Curriculum is based on five key areas – language development, social and emotional development, cognitive development, and physical development – which are explored through an inquiry, play-based and transdisciplinary approach to learning.

Through the Reggio Emilia® Approach, the children navigate through a series of transdisciplinary themes – in line with the MOET curriculum and learning outcomes – enabling them to learn and grow in a comprehensive and holistic way.

Engaging, significant and age-appropriate learning activities are planned to support the child in developing their fine and gross motor skills, build social and life skills, develop their literacy (speaking, reading, writing), numeracy (sorting, counting, basic addition and subtraction) and science skills, develop logic and creative thinking skills, and nurture a love for arts and music.

Being English the main language of instruction and the main language through which the children experience life at school, we ensure that they receive a solid foundation by integrating our timetables with the Cambridge English Program which provides the child with excellent foundations for the primary school and the Cambridge English Certificates they may wish to get in the future.

The Vietnamese language and culture are also an integral part of the learning program as we want our children to foster their culture identity while developing a sense of international-mindedness by appreciating the commonalities and differences with other cultures.

We believe our children can learn the best when they ‘do’ and this is why in our schools they experience the world first-hand through field trips that bring them on their first adventures with their classmates and teachers and through a variety of activities – among which we count, Sensory, Inquiry Into Nature, MasterChef, Yoga Planet, U Oa Music – that go beyond the traditional learning and broaden their life experience and the concept of education.

Our children grow to become global citizen in an ever changing world!