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Là một người mẹ mình đã phân vân đứng giữa vô vàn các options trường cho con (đâu đấy cũng 10 trường) xét theo các tiêu chí: học phí, chương trình học, không gian, song ngữ, ngoại khoá, bữa ăn và cuối cùng là thiện cảm ☺️ Thật may mắn khi mất hơn nửa tháng mình đã tìm ra Wisdomland Gò Vấp vừa đạt tất cả các tiêu chí mình có và giành được hoàn toàn thiện cảm của mình luôn . Ở đâu mà lại có ngôi trường rộng 2000m2 được để con thoả sức chạy nhảy? Mình từng nghe “đứa trẻ muốn lớn khoẻ và phát triển phải có không gian và ánh nắng” . Vừa hay Wisdomland Gò Vấp có tất cả 💕


Mẹ Trang Sofia
Phụ huynh
của Nguyễn Khánh Ái Linh – Adventures (3-4 years old)




I want to thank the school very much. Cốm is excited to go to school everyday. I believe that she is loved & well taken care of by her teachers. She loves the enrichment programme, especially swimming, cooking and piano classes. Her English has improved greatly since she started here. She talks more and is no longer shy to communicate with others.

Ms. Vu
Parent of Cao Nha An – Little Discoverers (3-4 years old)

Thanks to all the teachers, our daughter could easily adapt with the new environment. She could make acquainted herself with new friends and teachers, too. We really appreciate your love, care & your support for our dear child. We absolutely believe that our daughter are in good hands.

Ms Phuong Thao
Parent of Nguyen Vinh Tam – Little Discoverers (3-4 years old) & Nguyen Vinh Hy – Little Journeyers (2-3 years old)

Parent of Kim Huyn Woo

Parent of Kim Huyn Woo – Little Navigators

My daughter is really enjoying going to school everyday. I’m happy there are many activities such as swimming lesson, keyboard, yoga and so on. The best part is that she can learn English, Vietnamese and even Korean.

Ms. Juemi
Parent of Seoa Kuk – Little Inquirers (1-2 years old)

Thank you for taking good care of the children. I am quite surprised that my daughter can now speak English, and sometimes simple Vietnamese words so clearly. We are happy to let Ha Eun stay at the school.

Ms. Eun Sil Kim
Parent of Ha Eun Tae – Little Discoverers (3-4 years old)

Thank you, teachers, for your hard work and dedication.

Ms. Eun Jung Yi
Parent of Harang Lee – Little Discoverers (3-4 years old)

Good school fees, friendly English-speaking staff, clean environment, especially class teacher’s passion which is the main reason why we chose Wisdomland. The field trips are always well thought out and free. The application is very convenient and useful, we love the daily updates with pictures. Our daughter loves the school, teachers, and her classmates.

Ms Haidi
Parent of Elinor Wenzin – Little Navigators (5-6 years old)

Parent of Lee Sia

Parent of Lee Sia – Little Discoverers

Parent of Cao Nha An

Parent of Cao Nha An – Little Explorers

As both of my 2 daughters have attended Wisdomland from the early days of the school, when they were almost 20-months old also their first few years of life. Until they graduated from preschool, I have always had special feelings for this beloved school. There is such a warm and cozy space for the kids to learn and play in Wisdomland, with great care from the teachers for all our children. Hence, I feel very secure to send my kids to Wisdomland day after day. My two children are always eager to start a new day at school, and then, they keep on sharing with me the good memories of their class with all dear friends and teachers. The English learning curriculum of Wisdomland has changed a lot in the recent years, and thanks to that, my children have had a clear improvement in English. The kids could also participate in interesting field trips, which help them gain benefits from learning outside the classroom. Thank you so much, Wisdomland teachers!

Ms. Phuong
Parent of Nguyen Ha Nhien – Little Navigators (5-6 years old) & Nguyen Mi Van – Little Explorers (2-3 years old)

The school’s facilities are very good. The care and education from Wisdomland teachers is also fantastic. My daughter has always loved her time at Wisdomland. She likes to sing and I’d love to see her pictures playing with classmates at school, too. She could remember all her teachers’ and classmates’ names in a short time.

Ms. Le Thi Thanh Thao
Parent of Dinh Diep Chi – Little Explorers (2-3 years old)