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Our Curriculum is based on five key areas: language development, social skills development, emotional development, cognitive development, and physical development.

Our children develop fine motor skills by tracing, using various tools, and feeding themselves. Fine motor skills help to develop writing skills in primary school.

Our children develop gross motor skills by climbing, swimming, throwing, catching, balancing, and more! Gross motor skills help to develop athletic ability in primary school.

Our children develop early numeracy skills by counting their fingers and toes, counting classroom objects, singing number songs, and playing with number puzzles. Numeracy skills help them develop mathematically in primary school.

Our children develop logic and reasoning by building towers, playing with magnets, experimenting with water, sand, and other materials, and exploring their environment. Logic and reasoning help them understand scientific inquiry in primary school.

Our children leave the classroom to see and experience their topics
first-hand. We help them understand the world so that they have the independence and confidence to thrive in any school setting.


Our teachers are carefully selected through a thorough recruitment process including several interviews and demo classes.

Once employed, we train our teachers to view every child as creative, communicative, and inquisitive.

They are constantly on the lookout for teachable moments and encourage children to question, solve problems, and express themselves.

We require our Vietnamese teachers to have a three-year degree, early childhood experience, and a teaching certification from the Vietnamese government.

We likewise require our foreign teachers to have relevant formal qualifications and teaching experience.

Our Wisdomland Training Academy which will provide systematic and regular training for all faculty members.



Children need experiential learning. For this reason, teachers are encouraged to plan field trips throughout the year based on learning topics. All field trips will be preceded by a short notice and permission form.


We celebrate diversity and culture at Wisdomland! Each culture has unique traditions, holidays, food, music, and more that we want to highlight and embrace. We observe both Western and Vietnamese holidays and hold cultural events whenever we can.


We incorporate age-appropriate cooking lessons into our curriculum. Cooking teaches children listening skills, basic measuring skills, and gives them an understanding of processes.


Early physical education is especially important. We include daily exercise, gym play, and outdoor play in all of our lesson plans. We encourage children to move their bodies whenever they feel inspired and teach them age-appropriate fitness routines. We conduct short child-focused aerobics and yoga classes.


All of our campuses grant our children access to safe swimming pools. Learning how to swim is a vital skill that can prevent injury and water play is beneficial to children in several ways. Swimming increases strength, flexibility, and most children find it incredibly fun!


Children are naturally drawn to music and at Wisdomland they have the freedom to develop their talents in a safe and non-competitive environment. We provide instruments, including professional keyboards, for the children to play and the whole school enjoys music and dance classes. We also strive to include cultural elements in our music lessons.


At Wisdomland, we focus on the creative process and celebrate whatever children make. The Reggio Emilia approach looks at art as pure and free of error – there is no “right” way to draw or paint or construct. Children are free to be inventive and original.


After a short settling-in period at Wisdomland, our students start to express their budding curiosity!

We know that children are natural inquirers and we help them reach their full potential by providing a wide range of learning opportunities. We group children into classrooms by age so that we can adequately assess and assist them.

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