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I would like to thank the teachers very much for your caring, and thank you for sharing with us at home a lot of useful information about our dear Banh Bao!

Parent of Nguyen Le Grace – Little Inquirers (1-2 years old)

At Wisdomland, the kids are learning through playing. Wisdomland teachers are so kind. so enthusiastic, and they usually interact with the kids in English. The menu for our kids’ meals is variable, and the meals are always fresh and warm. She could be much more independent, and she loves eating her meals at school.

Parent of Le Khanh Chi – Little Journeyers (2-3 years old)

Thank you for taking such great care of our dear child.

Parent of SeoJin Kwak – Little Journeyers (2-3 years old)

A highly recommended preschool with outstanding advantages: Facilities: Safe and suitable for young children, neat, clean and tidy. Great management team and teachers. The teachers are always gentle and polite in communication with children and parents. My grandson could be involved in many outdoor activities and field trips. He could learn Math, Vietnamese, and his English is also well improved, thanks to the school. The teachers never threaten or shout at the kids, which is also highly appreciated. Our great thanks to Wisdomland Preschool, and all dear teachers. I am always grateful for what you have taught my grandson.

Grandmother of Cao Tuan Phong – Little Navigators (5-6 years old)

I am very pleased of the teachers’ great care for each of the kids in class. Teachers really spend time and effort to recognize and acting on each child’s different needs and personalities, and regularly update to parents about the child’s performance in subjects and activities in class.

Parent of Tran Gia Han – Little Travellers (4-5 years old)

I’m glad my child could be in such a safe, healthy, clean and friendly school environment, without too many children in one class. Especially, she has a love for school, and is making great progress in communication. She is also more confident and independent in all activities. She has been exposed to different extracurricular activities, including swimming, dancing, or playing keyboard right at school.

Parent of Tran Ngoc Khai Tam – Little Travellers (4-5 years old)

I appreciate the friendly and caring attitude of Wisdomland staff.

Parent of Amaaya Kesar Chauhan – Little Travellers (4-5 years old)

The kids’ playground is always fresh and cool with lots of trees. There are also many activities for the kids to learn and play every day.

Parent of Dang Duc Viet – Little Pioneers

The campus is full of fresh air, and my baby could be involved in many interesting extracurricular activities.

Parent of Vo Linh Thu – Little Pioneers

As a mother, I am very satisfied with Wisdomland campus area and its learning environment, along with those extracurricular activities provided, then the delicious and diverse menu for the kids.

Parent of Dang Nhat Minh – Little Pioneers

The school environment is warm and cosy like a home for all the students. All teachers and staff (even those who are not directly in charge of the kids’ class) remember the name of every kid in school and the kids could always feel warmly welcomed whenever upon their arrival at school everyday. I am reassured that my baby is well-loved and taken care of by Wisdomland.

Parent of Tran Minh Chau – Little Adventures

Thank you for helping our little Su quickly adapt to new school environment. She seems to be much happier nowadays. Thank you so much for all you do.

Parent of Nguyen Thanh Tam – Little Pathfinders 2

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