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Why Wisdomland


Inquiry based learning

Wisdomland Preschools apply a modern and well thought through program which is based on the national curricular framework of Vietnam and a Reggio Emilia inspired pedagogy. Inquiry and play-based learning are at the center of such educational concepts including an exciting variety of outdoor and enrichment activities such as Music, Creative Art, Science and Experiments, Yoga and Dance.

Our children will develop a foundation towards becoming lifelong learners. They will discover that days at school can be joyful and memorable and that learning can be fun. At the same time, they will learn to recognize the value of discipline and respect and in particular the value of community and mutual support.

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Pathway to English Language proficiency

Developing English language skills is an integral part of our program.

To prepare Wisdomland students for future success and ready for primary, we’ve chosen the Cambridge ELL curriculum for pre-school children. Cambridge English sets a global standard for education and is recognized by universities and employers worldwide. It’s about having the confidence to communicate and access a lifetime of enriching experiences and opportunities. The approach ensures that children begin their English-learning journey with enthusiasm and confidence.

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Qualified and passionate teachers

All of our teachers undergo a thorough selection process including several rounds of interviews and at demo-classes. Besides formal qualifications we look into soft-skill criteria to make sure that our teachers fit with our values and philosophy and what really makes a great teacher is true passion for the job and love for the children entrusted to them!

Once employed, our teachers participate in systematic training which includes regular observations, workshops and seminars.

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Modern and spacious facilities

In the Reggio Emilia philosophy, the environment and facilities are often referred to as “third teacher”.

Facilities at Wisdomland Preschools include spacious and well-equipped classroom and a variety of functional spaces.

All of our campuses have indoor- and outdoor playgrounds and swimming pools or water play areas.

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Customer Service

Education is in its essence a service and in line with our motto “Through The Eyes of A Child” we strive at providing outstanding service to our young “customers” and that certainly included their parents and guardians.

Services offered include shuttle bus, late pickup times, monthly CINEMA PARADISO movie nights, an interesting choice of After School Clubs including STEM, Creative Arts, Dance, Little Master Chef classes.

And we encourage and welcome suggestions how to further improve services.


Meals and nutrition

Nutritious meals are important for the healthy development of young children. To ensure top quality of our meals, all our campuses have modern kitchens with state-of-the art equipment and well-trained chefs and support staff who are employed by Wisdomland.

We aim at serving our children nutritious, varied and tasty food, starting with breakfast, followed by a morning snack and lunch and an afternoon snack.

All ingredients are purchased by certified vendors which allows us full control over ingredients and highest hygienic standards.

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